Do-Si-Do weed nug


Powerful, yet balanced, users often experience a heightened focus and opened up avenues of creativity. But then that classic indica body high kicks in, relaxing you and ensuring that you’re staying cerebral, but not too buzzy.

Gelato weed nug


With a sweet, sugary scent, it’s delicious. But it’s also a powerhouse of a strain, providing strong physical relaxation, though never so much that it impedes mental agility. Floaty, comfortable, but still lucid.

Orange Tree weed nug

Orange Tree

With that name, this better taste like oranges (spoiler: it does). Can lead to increased focus and creativity and an uplifted mood. This potent strain provides mild psychedelic effects, so we recommend mild dosing for new users.

Larry OG weed nug

Larry OG

Gives your body a euphoric tranquility, while simultaneously lifting you up and focusing your mind so you can still be productive. Piney. Lemon-y. Happy.

Banana Fig weed nug

Banana Fig

A nuanced mix of banana, berries, sugar, cream, and cinnamon with citrus notes throughout. As for the effects, most people can expect a combination of pain relief and a heightening of the senses.

Birthday Cake weed nug

Birthday Cake

An even 50/50 hybrid, it’s got the best of both worlds: mood elevation that hits quickly for instant happiness, and topped off with indica effects of relaxation. And with a name like Birthday Cake, you better believe it’s delicious.

Green Crack weed nug

Green Crack

No shocker that with a name like that, it’s best for daytime use. Great for a boost of energy to rise above the mundane. And with moderate THC, it’s ideal for a new cannabis user.



The full range of Genius vapes, including strains: Jack Herer, Grand Daddy Purple, Strawberry Banana and ACDC.

Cartridge Sauce


The full range of Genius sauces, including strains: Do-Si-Do, Gelato and Blue Zkittles. Our sauce cartridges will work with most standard vape batteries.