Genius Spotlight: J3


Genius Team: What’s your definition of Genius?

J3: Someone who can enhance the human experience with their knowledge and talent.

GT: What genius do you most admire?

J3: Jean Paul Goude

GT: Who’s someone who doesn’t get enough credit for being a genius?

J3: Spike Lee

GT: What was the last piece of art that inspired you?

J3: Bisa Butler’s The Safety Patrol

GT: How do you stay motivated? What keeps you hungry?

J3: Meditation allows me to envision my destiny. And my destiny is very motivating.

GT: What’s your relationship to cannabis? Do you incorporate it into your creative process?

J3: I really only like to smoke in the morning. I sometimes smoke when I’m editing  images in Photoshop.

GT: What’s the craziest idea you’ve ever had when high?

J3: You’ll see it in a gallery/museum one day.

GT: Finish this sentence: One time I got high and __. It was amazing.

J3: One time I got high and saw a flying saucer. It was amazing.

GT: What was your vision for the Genius photoshoot? What would you like people to take from it?

J3: My vision was to highlight the form and shape of smoke.  Smoke creates really unique and intriguing shapes.  Smoke constantly changes in form so I wanted people to see the beauty of its shapes in a still moment to hold on to the vibe in that very moment.

GT: Can you give us a narrative on the characters you used in this shoot? Who are they, and what is their story?

J3: Smokers come from all walks of life.  My characters are just a few who embraces the culture of smoking marijuana.  They are creatives and corporate professionals who enjoy cannabis.