Ask The Genius: Can Cannabis Improve Your Sex Life?


Looking to find out how cannabis impacts your sex life? Look no further. The Genius is here to answer all your questions. 

Hey Genius, is cannabis an aphrodisiac?

Historically, cannabis has been used for centuries around the world as an aphrodisiac. 

That’s cool. But I’d like to know about today. I’m not tryna have sex in 4000 BC. 

That’s fair. In 2017, Stanford conducted a study that found cannabis users have on average 20% more sex than non users. 

What’s the correlation?

Numerous sex therapists suggest that using cannabis enhances closeness and assists in making sex more likely amongst users. Its most fundamental offering is that it enables us to let go of practical thoughts, overthinking, depression and anxiety, and connect with ourselves and our partners in a more intimate way.

Life coach and sex therapist Amanda Pasciucco posits that people are less likely to put pressure on themselves when under the influence of cannabis. Perhaps what makes marijuana such a powerful sexual stimulus on a psychological level is its ability to truly make us live in the present, without overthinking it.

Diana Urman, sex therapist, suggests this is especially true for females, who have a more variable libido. Her research, as well as scientific studies suggest that one of the most important elements for women to reach their best orgasms is a complete sense of relaxation. While cannabis is known to reduce anxiety and promote calmness, its ability to put people in the right state of mind for sex is significant. Therefore, not only could a bit of bud increase your desire for sex, but it could also increase the magnitude of your orgasm.

Simply put, using marijuana appears to magnify the connection between mind and body. Therefore, after using it, people are more present in their own skin and able to let go of thoughts that may distract them or keep them in their own heads. Overall, this effect appears to be the culprit in making sex more likely among cannabis users.

I’d like to know more about the historical sex you mentioned above? Tell me who was getting high and f**king throughout history? Was it Da Vinci? Marie Antoinette? Cleopatra? I bet at least two of those three f**ked. 

First of all, settle down. Second of all, given the timeline of human history, it’s impossible. 

So who was getting high and having sex?

So, so many people. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries in many cultures around the world including China, and India, as well as in Germanic and African Tribes. From wearing hemp as a sign of sexual prowess in Serbia, to Norwegian goddess Freya’s hemp-derived, love making harvest festivals, to marijuana’s role in treating erectile dysfunction disorder in Uganda; cannabis seems to have had a ubiquitous role in sexuality around the world for centuries and centuries.

Love making harvest festival?

Yup. Getting high, having sex, and growing your village’s food. It was a very efficient society back then. 

A lot of this feels like historical cannabis fan fiction. Is there any science behind the connection between cannabis and sex? 

And we are back on track. Biologically, cannabis affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS); a non-localized system of the body involved in regulating various physiological and cognitive processes such as appetite, pain, pleasure, mood and memory. In women, specifically, the ECS can help regulate fertility, pregnancy, and pre- and postnatal development.  

Sooooo does that mean our senses are heightened?

Well, one sensation triggered by activating the endocannabinoid system is an increased sense of pleasure, as well as a decreased sense of pain. This mood alteration alone may increase one’s arousal, as it can make already enjoyable sensations feel even better.

So scientifically speaking… will it make me horny?

I can’t tell if you asked that in an Austin Powers accent. 

…I did. 

I knew it! 

You think it holds up? 

Parts of it! I have such a soft spot for Mike Myers.  

What were you saying about the ECS and getting horny?

Oh right. Here’s the deal — when our ECS is activated it triggers many human urges, famously our appetites. But it also makes people especially horny, as their biological imperative to reproduce is triggered. D9-THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, has been shown to target a part of the brain associated with sexual arousal in females. 

Does that mean that the more women smoke, the more likely they’ll be aroused?

Quite the opposite. Further research on this phenomenon showed that women taking a low dose of marijuana had increased sexual urges, while higher dosed women showed decreased sexual motivation.

What about for men? Is cannabis the new Viagra?

Everyone is going to have personal experiences when It comes to both cannabis and sex. Like I mentioned above, so much about sexual pleasure is psychology and impacted by the intimacy you feel with your partner. There are no shortcuts to better sex. That said, studies have shown a positive impact regarding the frequency and intimacy in one’s sex life. 

Other than Austin Powers, what’s your favorite Mike Myers movie?

Wayne’s World 2. 

Not the original?

The sequel is the superior film. Sorry if this offends.